We’re all born with a blank canvas on which to draw our lives. My late husband Alan Manning, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009 and died at home in 2012, just 3 weeks before his 71st birthday. In the early stages of this disease he started to draw, by hand, incredible masterpieces, just using a fine black ink pen and a ruler. Using straight lines he was able to create optical illusions. He would sit for hours and hours drawing, in his own world,  trying to concentrate. I wish I had thought to date them, but I was just so busy with the day to day duties of a 24/7 caregiver. At this time he had significant memory deficits,  language problems, personality changes, and usually had no idea who I was. He couldn’t even dress himself. He was just living in the moment, and this has taught me a wonderful life lesson. During his life he battled dyslexia and always said he saw shapes and lines in everything.  Although he had never done any artwork, he loved building and making things. He had a brilliant analytical mind; could figure out a mathematical equation before most people had time to enter it into a calculator,  was quick witted, and just loved to put anyone at ease with his kindness and goodhearted humor.  No matter who you were, or however bad your day, Alan could always cheer you up, he had a gift – he was just such a special human being and I feel privileged to have been married to him for 34 yrs.

Since we have no children, I’ve now decided to release these drawings into the universe to help raise funds benefiting Alzheimer’s research, care and support. To this end Alan’s brain was donated to the Mayo Clinic Brain Bank in Jacksonville, and the autopsy  was performed by Dennis W. Dickson MD, Neuropathology Consultant with the report prepared on 6/15/12.

Now you can own one of these unique one of a kind originals for a minimum donation of $50.00, plus shipping.  100% OF ALL PROCEEDS (except shipping) GOES DIRECTLY TO benefiting Alzheimer’s research, care and support. – goal of $5,000 – please help.  Anyone wishing to be a Matching Donor, please contact me

THANK YOU ~ Angela Manning

Alan Manning Art