Monthly Archives: January 2017


Life at home was becoming more of a daily challenge for me.  Alan was still high energy, but required help washing and dressing, and was starting to become incontinent.  He still looked fine; anyone who met him for less than 5 minutes would think what a amiable guy, after that his pretense was over and ... Read More

Weekly visits

We were still doing Meals on Wheels each Friday, and the housebound gentleman who had Lucy was being taken to a Day Care Center on a Wednesday.  I was not happy about her being left all day on her own; so in the end I came up with the idea of leaving our house at ... Read More


In addition to the ice skating a couple of times a week,  we were also out on our bicycles.  I think he enjoyed the freedom of it.  At first I hesitated, and I know a lot of people in the Caregiver Group thought it unwise for me to allow him on a bike, but this ... Read More