I finally managed to get Alan back into bed, and calm him down and he eventually fell asleep.  I lay next to him, rigid with fear, thinking about how to cancel the rest of our travel arrangements and get us back home.  The next morning he was his usual self, and couldn’t remember a thing, and was very apologetic.  I managed to cancel  the remainder of our travel plans and got a flight out of Buenos Aires that evening, with a connection in Miami up to Tampa.   He was extremely agitated on the flight, and couldn’t sleep –  needless to say, neither could I.    When we arrived in Miami, I sat him in a chair at the gate with the hand luggage and went to the restroom – I had been awake 48 hrs.  When I returned he was gone and the bags just sitting there and they were calling our flight.  I rushed up and down the concourse searching for him, swarms of people everywhere and then I saw him just standing there, crying his eyes out.  He thought I had just abandoned him in the Airport #AlanManningArt