Alan and Oscar

After driving his sister back home, I then drove back down to the Hotel in Windsor, where we stayed the night.  Alan loved it there, looking out over the rolling lawns down to the River Thames, and even asked if we could live there.  The following morning, I took him up to Windsor Castle, where every day at 11.00 am the streets of the town are closed, and everyone stops to watch as the new guards march up from the barracks to relieve the guards who have been doing night  duty inside the Castle; they in turn march back down the hill to the barracks.

While we were waiting for the guards we sat down at a cafe directly opposite the Castle and Alan started to talk to a little boy, called Oscar, and they started counting together.  No one realized that Alan had Alzheimer’s and he even surprised me, counting with Oscar   and in that moment we didn’t have a care in the world –  I was just so pleased that we were able to do one last trip together and he was happy.



Alan by the River Thames in Windsor, UK


Alan and Oscar by Windsor Castle, UK

Guards marching into Windsor Castle, UK

Later that day I drove back down to Mudeford and we settled  into the Harbor Hotel and Alan wandered out on to the balcony gazing at the water.