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I thought it best to try and get Alan as relaxed as possible for a few days before finally taking him to our family doctor.  He recommended a Neurologist, but that in itself was an unnerving experience.  The man made no attempt to put either of us at ease, was very morose; just sat in ... Read More


The connecting flight to Tampa was very stressful for both of us, Alan was extremely agitated, couldn’t remember how to put on his lap belt, had no idea where he was; tried to get off the aircraft and was clinging to me.  Some friends of ours were house/pet sitting.  I hadn’t been able to reach ... Read More


I finally managed to get Alan back into bed, and calm him down and he eventually fell asleep.  I lay next to him, rigid with fear, thinking about how to cancel the rest of our travel arrangements and get us back home.  The next morning he was his usual self, and couldn’t remember a thing, ... Read More


My husband and I had a wonderful happy life together, and the last thing I ever expected was Alzheimers – cancer possibly, as at one  time he had been a smoker.  You are just enjoying life, and each other, and you naively think, that it will continue for many more years; oblivious to the realities ... Read More