Alzheimer’s Unlocked The Treasures in his Mind

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 5 years now since I lost Alan.

A year ago I was watching Dr. Oz and he featured a man called Jason Padgett who had suffered severe head trauma after being attacked coming out of a bar.  When he eventually recovered he suddenly started seeing the world in lines and started creating mathematical drawings. At the time Dr. Oz said that there were only 40 such known people in the world – I looked around my lounge and thought – no 41.

That got me starting to think – we have no family, what will happen to all of Alan’s artwork when I fall off the edge.  It was then I decided to release all of his drawings into the universe, and donate 100% of the funds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Thus in August 2016 I started my journey – website, and social media and started selling his drawings.  Now culminating in my hosting an Exhibition of Alan’s Artwork during October at The Dancing Crane Gallery, Village of the Arts, Bradenton, with a Special Reception /Launch on Saturday, 7th October 2-5 pm.  I do hope that you will join us – live music, refreshments, door & raffle prizes and don’t forget 100% of the funds being donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

My thanks to everyone for your encouragement, love & support and sharing this journey with me …… Angela