By now Alan was really shuffling his feet and his neck was protruding forward with the head starting to droop down; it was as if the neck could no longer support the weight of the head.   Eventually, I decided it was time for me to arrange his funeral, so Rashanee came to stay with Alan, while I went to make the arrangements.    After all the paperwork was taken care of, they naturally required payment.  Even though I had my checkbook with me, I jokingly asked if they took credit cards and to my surprise he said yes, I burst out laughing and said Alan would really appreciate me getting air miles (this was a private joke we always had).

Jackie had been out of the country that Christmas, so I decided on her return we would have a second Christmas Day in January, so again we just had a few friends and we were able to sit in the garden.  You will see from the photo how Alan’s neck is protruding forward and the head  starting to droop.  He was also feeling cold most of the time, so as we were all sitting outside in loose clothing, he was bundled up.