Alan’s demeanor was changing very rapidly now, he was less combative; his head was bent over and he was shuffling his feet; not physically able to follow me about the house and the repetitive questions had ceased.  Actually, when I think back, he was hardly talking at all then.  I would later learn that was the aphasic stage.  However, I knew it was important to keep him mentally and physically stimulated,  so I still tried to take him out each day believing in my heart that he was responding to the natural world of feeling a warm breeze on his face, smelling a beautiful flower or just listening to the birds sing and of course listening to me chattering on – what choice did the poor man have???   I always tried to be mindful that somewhere his soul was trapped inside his body, even if he couldn’t communicate with me, he understood what was going on around him.  I didn’t realize how true this was, until a month or so later.