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On the 24th February 2017 I told you that I’d promised Alan I would stay with him to the very end – even when I made that promise I didn’t really comprehend my intention, to be there at his deathbed yes…….. but later I realized so much more. Rashanee my Thai girlfriend had lost her husband a ... Read More

Wednesday, 25th April 2012

I’d read the leaflets on death that Hospice had given me, so I knew what to expect – the labored breathing, the ruddy, sweaty complexion and the cold feet.  So I was constantly checking Alan for any of these signs. Each night I was barely sleeping, waiting, watching, listening I’d promised my dear man I ... Read More


Thankfully the Scottish Minister called; I explained that Alan was very close to death and we wanted to renew our Marriage Vows and he immediately came out on the Tuesday morning.   We sat chatting for a while, and being a typical Scotsman (complete with kilt) he soon brought some levity to our conversation, particularly ... Read More


Several people have inquired about  my phrase “penny dropped”   from this link    This is actually an English phrase, meaning  “If the penny drops, you suddenly understand something” Part of the history of this is British public toilets in 1939 required users to ‘spend a penny‘ in order to unlock the door to ... Read More


One particularly difficult morning, Alan was highly agitated and very shaky, I tried to get him into the shower but he could barely stand, he no longer had any strength in his legs, and I was worried he would fall.    I didn’t push the point, instead I suggested he go back and snuggle down ... Read More