Since the Meals on Wheels had proved so successful, I started to think of other things we could do together.  When Alan was young, he had been an ice skater and since there was a rink in the centre of one of our malls, one day I decided to take him there.  He couldn’t remember how to tie his laces, but he still remembered how to skate.  Everyone at the Caregiver Meeting thought I was crazy in case he fell and broke his hip or something.  I knew that was true, but I also knew how much pleasure it gave him.  He enjoyed the freedom on the ice, laughing and joking with the other skaters, and also stopping to chat to the mothers who had brought their children to the rink to watch and who would stand on the sidelines.  He gained so much enjoyment from doing this – I’d never been a skater so spent most of my time either hugging the sides, or falling down…hence I soon had to get knee pads!