I’d started to talk to Alan suggesting for his 70th birthday in May,  we go on a trip to England, so  he could see his Sister, get together with old friends and visit his beloved Mudeford.   He was still acting as my shadow following me everywhere; so one day when I pulled the passports out to double check them, he wanted to see his.  Immediately, he had it in his hands he accused me of stealing it, telling me I had no right to it; it belonged to him, and generally getting very agitated and aggressive – he ran through the house yelling.  Not wishing to exacerbate the situation I didn’t immediately follow, I thought I’d just wait for him to calm down.  I waited 5/10 minutes and then when I found him, I asked what he’d done with the passport as I needed it to book our flights.  He had no recollection of it – I spent weeks searching the house & Garage  and couldn’t find it.  On some level he knew I was extremely upset, and finally I told him I would have to file a Police Report in order to obtain a replacement.  Probably a month or more went by, and still no passport and I was procrastinating filling out the forms.

Alan was very excited about the prospect of going back to England and his spirit and demeanor was visibly lifted.  Did he comprehend anything I was telling him?  I just kept reminding him, we couldn’t go anywhere without his passport.  At night in bed, when he started sundowning, I would calm him with stories of our upcoming trip to England and Mudeford; eventually he would contentedly fall asleep in my arms.

One morning I had a man come to give me a quote for relaying sod, I was chatting to him in the front garden.  Alan was walking towards me, his face beaming, he sidled up to me, gave me a nudge, and  told me to close my eyes and open my hand, and then he put his passport on the palm of my hand.  I burst into tears of joy, Alan started excitedly jumping about, and the poor sod man had no idea what was going on!  While Alan was dancing about, I immediately went into the house and hid Alan’s passport in a very safe place.

Then I started to plan our trip back to England.