One lunchtime I took Alan into a restaurant, and normally I would take him into the Ladies Restroom with me.  He became very agitated by this, so I let him go into the Gents on his own and I stood outside the door.  Another man went in behind him, and when he came out, he said “you’d better get in there quick”.    When I walked in, Alan had taken off his shoes, socks, trousers, and underpants and was trying to sit on the urinal.  He was in a terrible mess, and there was feces all over the floor.  I stayed calm as if nothing had happened, and tried to clean him and the restroom up as best I could.  I left a pile of cash on our table and apologized to the waitress (not explaining why) then rushed out.   I knew then that I needed to get Alan into a diaper, but he’d always been an incredibly proud, strong minded man, so I knew this would be a challenge.

One day we were shopping and he was pushing the cart, and I walked over to the Personal Hygiene products, usually he would just follow me about the store, playing with the cart as if he was driving a car.  Immediately, he saw where I was, he abandoned the cart and walked off, with a thunderous look on his face.  I quickly finished my shopping and went through the check out, he was standing a good distance away  just glaring at me.  It was then I realized that although I thought he wasn’t comprehending situations, he was actually very cognizant of what was happening.  He had actually disowned me because I was buying diapers!

After loading the shopping into the car, he was still in a terrible mood, so, since I always found that distraction was one of the best tools, there was only one thing for it – Dunking Donuts Boston Cream!  Afterwards, he appeared to have forgotten the incident.

It must have been a good few weeks of my pondering how to get this intelligent, handsome man into a diaper.  Then one night, when he’d been in a particularly jovial mood, and we were getting ready for bed, the idea came to me.  Both of us always slept in the buff, so I stripped off and put one of the diapers on myself.  I walked into the bedroom and he burst out laughing and asked me what I was doing, I just replied “at our age everyone has to do it”.  I then proceeded to put a diaper on him, we were both falling about laughing and I actually took a photo of us standing in front of a mirror both wearing diapers – we fell back on the bed in fits of hysteria.  Finally we got into bed, and at some point during the night, I pulled mine off – Alan wore a diaper from then on.

One of my soul sisters, who was on the same journey as myself, had recommended the kind of diaper with side tabs, which really did make my life a lot easier as they can be changed without removing the trousers.  It was these useful insights from others, which helped enormously, and that is why I’m now sharing my experiences, in the hope it will help someone else.



#AlanManning Art