I continued to take him out every day in the car, just driving around.  Then I thought we could do something more useful, so I signed us up for Meals on Wheels.  Alan loved it, he was still ambulatory, he would carry the food to the recipient and always had something funny to say, so that brightened their day, and in turn, Alan felt he had a purpose.  Of course, he always wanted to stop for a coffee and a donut.  By this time, he was unable to go into a Rest Room on his own.  At that time, I hadn’t realized the lack of Family facilities, so  in the end I used to take him into the Ladies with me.  On some level, he knew he wasn’t in the right place, and would become more agitated – the nasty comments of some women probably didn’t help either.  This became a very stressful ordeal for us both.

A housebound gentleman we delivered food to, had recently lost his dog and was starting to get very depressed living all alone with no visitors.  This went on for several months,  with his Social Worker and several others promising to find a dog for him, which never materialized.  One particularly bad day, I told him I would make it my mission to find him a dog.  I went online, took Alan with me to Animal Control and various other facilities, but finally found him an elderly beagle who had been abandoned 4 yrs. earlier – her name was Lucy, and such a sweetheart.  No one wanted her because of her age, and the fact she had a growth on her hip, and was vastly overweight.  When I first saw her in the cage laying on a bed, I started talking to her.  She had her head on her paws and looked at me like, “why should I bother to get up”, no one ever takes ME home.  I kept coaxing her and the minute she got up and walked towards me, my heart melted.