During all this time, I had continued to visit Ray (the house bound gentleman) and every Wednesday while he was at the Daycare Centre go and pick up Lucy Beagle and bring her back to our house.   Now with the prospect of Alan only having a few weeks left to live, I asked one of my soul sisters to come and stay with Alan, while I went to tell Ray the news that I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore.  A few days before all of this happened, Lucy had developed a really bad  ear infection and had to have cream rubbed in twice a day.   Ray was crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and didn’t have normal use of his hands.  Anyway, after telling him my news about Alan,  he said he knew it was bad timing but asked if I could take Lucy full time, as he didn’t feel he would be able to take care of her.

From that first day, we had rescued her from the Humane Society, I was so filled with love for this dear four legged old girl, and when we got back home, she immediately laid down by Alan’s side, where she stayed – the only time she left him was to go potty.    She had finally found her forever home.