Several people have inquired about  my phrase “penny dropped”   from this link  http://www.alzheimersfundraiserart.com/shit-what-was-that/    This is actually an English phrase, meaning  “If the penny drops, you suddenly understand something”

Part of the history of this is British public toilets in 1939 required users to ‘spend a penny‘ in order to unlock the door to get in and that has given rise to speculation that that is the source of the phrase. There’s no evidence to support that theory though. Likewise the theory that the expression originated with the ‘Button A/Button B’ style of telephone boxes, which used coins as payment for calls and which were also in use in 1939.

29 years ago when Alan and I moved to the States, I actually found this old  brass “penny in the slot”machine in a junk shop.  Alan spent days polishing it to perfection……………..despite having lived here for so long, from time to time these old phrases just pop out!!