Thankfully the Scottish Minister called; I explained that Alan was very close to death and we wanted to renew our Marriage Vows and he immediately came out on the Tuesday morning.   We sat chatting for a while, and being a typical Scotsman (complete with kilt) he soon brought some levity to our conversation, particularly because Alan was non verbal.  Of course, I relayed the story of my asking Alan a week or so ago, if he would marry me again   and tried to assure him despite Alan being non verbal, this wasn’t just some wicked scheme I had hatched up –  he had in fact agreed to it by saying “course I would”.  Before we went into the bedroom Rev. David Lindsay-Frame had completely relaxed me and we were both laughing.  The pipes were playing “Amazing Grace” – Alan laid on the bed with his eyes closed, breathing heavily,  not moving, and I stood listening to the Reverend with tears streaming down my face, my body trembling …Lucy Beagle continued to snore and Lucky was motionless.

“Amazing Grace” – Massed Bands, Pipes & Drums of The Army Regiments Grenadier Guards


This engraved stone was given to me, on the first anniversary of Alan’s death, by my very dear friend Lady Chattaway.