The connecting flight to Tampa was very stressful for both of us, Alan was extremely agitated, couldn’t remember how to put on his lap belt, had no idea where he was; tried to get off the aircraft and was clinging to me.  Some friends of ours were house/pet sitting.  I hadn’t been able to reach them on the phone, just left a voice message, roughly explaining what had happened and we were traveling home and I felt it best,  if they were not there.  When we arrived home, it was evident that Alan had no memory of home and didn’t even recognize our pets.  During the night, he got out of bed numerous times and was wandering about the house.  The next morning I thought it best to get back  into our normal routine – breakfast, walk the dog, then sit in the garden with a coffee, watch the wildlife and  have a chat.  He wasn’t his usual effervescent self, but we were both tired and jet lagged.  I went about my normal routine, chatting to him as usual,  but he followed me  into the bathroom, standing so close we were touching, and just stood and watched me; then he proceeded to follow behind me room to room …….I had a shadow