At the meetings there were a mixed group of people – wives, husbands, daughters, significant others; some of the people were caregiving at home, some had help, others like me were on their own and a few had already put their loved ones into care.  Everyone had a different story, we were all different ages, from different backgrounds; but it was by sharing those experiences that through the fabric of our lives, we began to bond.   Each of us had started on this long journey, like suddenly falling into a dark hole, flailing about with no sense of direction, just trying to make it through each moment of each day, unsure of the outcome and above all that hopeless sense that it is beyond your control.  Through our varied personal experiences we each had questions on how to deal with a wide variety of behavioral patterns, and legal matters,  and then we were able to share how each of us had coped.  It wasn’t a magic pill, but at least it helped you to realize you weren’t alone.  When you are caregiving for someone 24 hours a day, and you are doing your best to love, care and comfort them, but they are constantly asking you the same question over and over, or accusing you of theft, lying, cheating, or whatever may be on their mind at the time, it can become very soul destroying.  Even those in the group whose loved ones were in Care, found it frustrating; as most of them didn’t feel their loved ones were getting adequate care and attention, and I believe that a few also felt guilty about no longer being able to cope.    I consider myself very lucky to have met and bonded with two lovely ladies at the meeting, and I think it is fair to say we are now “soul sisters”.  Each of us are completely different, with different stories, and yet we are so much alike………..we’d all been married a long time, we all loved our husbands deeply and felt the pain and emptiness when we lost them.  We had unintentionally formed out own support group, and have and still are, there for one another when needed …… “soul sisters”