Wednesday, 25th April 2012

I’d read the leaflets on death that Hospice had given me, so I knew what to expect – the labored breathing, the ruddy, sweaty complexion and the cold feet.  So I was constantly checking Alan for any of these signs.

Each night I was barely sleeping, waiting, watching, listening I’d promised my dear man I would be with him to the end.

The next morning (Wednesday 25th) my dear friend Jackie arrived with a huge hug and a big bunch of flowers and we sat chatting  for a while.  We both thought that Alan was very close, his feet felt really cold and his breathing was getting deeper…….we drank lots of tea!

After Jac left I spent the rest of the day by Alan’s bedside talking to him, reminiscing about our wonderful life together and thanking him for everything he’d ever done for me, and praying.  I didn’t sleep at all that night – Lucy didn’t budge from under the bed and she too was snoring deeply.