Weekly visits

We were still doing Meals on Wheels each Friday, and the housebound gentleman who had Lucy was being taken to a Day Care Center on a Wednesday.  I was not happy about her being left all day on her own; so in the end I came up with the idea of leaving our house at 6.00 am. whilst Alan was still asleep, driving and picking up Lucy, and getting back to the house before Alan woke up – it was a gamble, and looking back now perhaps reckless, but at the time I didn’t know what else to do.  We had always loved dogs, and this was the first time in our life we didn’t have one.  I guess God was answering my prayers that Alan would be safe till I got home – my stress level was deep in my stomach.  That first morning Alan woke up and found Lucy, he fell in love with her (even though he had met her previously at the SPCA)  I always remember him walking to her, and saying “don’t worry Angela will take care of you”.  After getting Alan fed and showered, then I would take him and Lucy out for the day, usually to the park where she could run, or just along the Causeway by the water.  Then late afternoon, we would drive her back to Ray’s house.  So little by little, I became more attached to Lucy, and Lucy became very attached to Alan.  When she was in our home, she always sat beside him, or followed him about – dogs have a sense about these things.