“Whose That Little Girl?”

Alan didn’t seem to mind sleeping in the hospital bed, I always tried to lay alongside him on top of his bed for a short while, just snuggling up to him  before he went to sleep just to give him, and me, comfort.  Then I would move over into my single bed,  it just seemed so lonely and  strange sleeping in separate beds – I hated it.

By now our days were completely consumed just  getting Alan out of bed, fed, and showered.   His head was completely bent over  with his chin resting on his chest.  Some how or other I would manage to walk him to the Florida room, where he would sit at the table with his head resting on the surface.  Feeding him was very difficult, I had to roll up small pieces of food in my fingers and poke it into his mouth.  Jackie had suggested a sippee cup, but he had forgotten how to suck.  So usually, I would crush up small pieces of ice or fruit juice that I had frozen and put that in his mouth, I had to be sure he was getting enough fluids.

Feeding him would take literally 3 or 4 hours, and he wasn’t really talking now just occasionally mumbling. However, one evening, he said very clearly “Whose That Little Girl?”  I was completely taken aback.   Once I recovered my shock, not so much what he had said,  but the fact that he had  spoken so clearly.   I asked him if he knew who she was, or if he was afraid.  I don’t quite know what made me ask him that; but I too felt we had a definite “presence”.    Lucy had become very agitated and was whimpering under Alan’s feet……I went and got a glass of red wine!

The next night, exactly the same thing happened,  Alan suddenly asked very clearly  “Whose That Little Girl?”  this time I asked him what she looked like, what did she say? did he know her name?  This went on four nights – I know several other people have written about this kind of phenomenon  and there are all kinds of theories.  Nothing will ever shake me from the belief that this was an Angel from the other side, who had come to him to take him to the other side.  I wasn’t  afraid by this, in fact I felt strangely comforted.